Female Archetypes Workshop

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4-days residential workshop & initiation into the realm of the Sacred Feminine using Depth Psychology, Mythology and Alchemy.

Heroine’s journey through the personal & collective Light & Shadow-Feminine & its expression through wisdom, compassion, transformation and empowerment.
7 Archetypal aspects reflecting the Values of the Sacred Feminine

  • Wise Power & Resilience
  • Instinctual Self-confidence & Independence
  • Serenity & Kindness
  • Playfulness, Sensuality & Sexuality
  • Dignity, Respect & Appreciation
  • Descent through the Life-Death-Life Cycle
  • Nurturance, Compassion & Patience

    This workshop is an exciting, empowering adventure into the unique experience of Feminine Container full of support, healing and fun.


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