Group Workshops

Process Groups

Process Groups are a deeply empowering and rewarding experience. The group affords an opportunity to give and receive authentic feedback and support. These encounters whilst at times challenging, are healing and connecting, facilitating a deep sense of belonging to the Human Family.

Teaching Circles & Workshops based on Myth, Stories & Archetypes

Teaching Circles: Soul Nutrition for Woman’s Psyche: Awakening the Wild Woman Archetype in you, the One who is both Medicine & Magic

A series of teaching & sharing circles, including a virtual classroom in which we explore stories from the book Women who Run with the Wolves by Jungian Analyst, C. Pinkola-Estes, and other authors. With other extraordinary women we explore the depth of emotional truth, intuitive wisdom and instinctual self-confidence we all posses but need to claim.

Currently we are working through The Tale of Bluebeard the predator, one of the most destructive inner forces in a woman’s psyche. In order to restrain such an inner force, we must be in possession of our instinctual powers – insight, intuition, endurance, tenacious loving, keen sensing, far vision, acute hearing, singing over the dead, intuitive healing, and tending to own creative fires.

Tales explored in the past:

Grimm’s tale ‘Handless Maiden’/’Allerleirauh’ & Xhosa tale ” Armless Bride” that speaks of Women’s Cycles of Initiation through the Rites of Endurance.

Lying with the Heavenly Woman by Robert Johnson

Workshops based on Myth, Stories & Archetypes

4-days residential workshop & initiation into the realm of the Sacred Feminine: 7 Feminine Archetypes based on our Western culture model. Each Archetype is explored thought its strength, shadow and function and experienced through embodiment of intuitive knowing, deep emotional truth, instinctual self-confidence & dignity.

This workshop is an exciting, empowering adventure into the unique experience of Feminine Container full of support, healing and fun.

Biodanza self-development

Biodanza is about the Dance of Life experienced through music, movement and emotions. This method of self-development is scientifically proven to alleviate stress and tension and to raise the capacity for non-verbal communication. Regular participants experience a heightened sense of aliveness, wellbeing, happiness & playfulness, as well as an improvement in the quality of their relationships. They gain confidence and an increased capacity to live from the heart.

Through vitality, joy, creativity, sensuality & transcendence one can experience who one truly is. One’s self-confidence and self-expression increase & enrich daily life.

Family Constellation

A process that helps heal entangled patterns into a more healthy family dynamics.

We are born into a generational family system that contains many entanglements. These can be experienced as traumatic life events or seemingly unexplained physical and emotional symptoms. The constellation (developed by Bert Hellinger) taps into the Collective awareness that exists in the Morphogenetic Field. This field reveals the unseen forces that govern these entanglements. They also informs us about the way reconciliation can happen. Deep insights and healing become possible in situations that are often resistant to change.

My special interest in this work is working in the Deep Inner Field of the personal and archetypal/ancestral unconscious using Shamanic and Ritual processes as well as constellation of dreams, inner landscapes and physical symptoms.